rest while we
manage your nest

We help homeowners earn extra revenue on their investments.
We’ll handle everything, all the way from A to Z

Is your vacation
home making
you money?

Every year, hundreds of beautiful vacation homes in West Kelowna sit empty.
The math speaks for itself, but homeowners lose money every year because
they’re scared to rent their homes for short-term rental.

Until Now


It’s Time For Your Investment
To make you money

We take great care of every property we list. 

Our homeowners enjoy excellent returns and absolute peace of mind, knowing their
home is well cared for in their absence.

Unlike most property managers, we only accept properties that offer unique
charm and character.


a modern solution
to a timeless problem

✔You want to make money from your West Kelowna real estate investment
✔You don’t have the time or resources to manage a listing, screen potential guests,
manage bookings and key hand-offs, find a cleaner, and more…
✔You’re currently renting your Kelowna vacation home but want to make even more money
✔You’ve been completely opposed to renting your home because you don’t want anyone
to destroy your property, make a mess, or disturb your neighbours
✔You don’t want to rent your vacation home because you don’t know what weekends you’re
going to be there yourself and coordinating it all is too much work to bother

Enjoy All The Benefits Of Renting Out Your Property Without Any Of The Hassle.

This is the RestNest difference.

Discerning Standards

Unlike most property managers, we only accept exceptional properties that are well positioned to be the site of memorable experiences. We are best partnered with unique, higher-end homes that have a warm and welcoming energy.

Completely Local

We’re also not a mega-company with listings all across the country. We’re right here in West Kelowna, available to meet you personally and check up on your property ourselves.

Thoughtful Details

Guests choose us because of our reputation for our unrivalled service and carefully thought out details, from concierge service to grocery delivery and more. Anyone who stays at your property is bound to appreciate and respect it as much as you do.

Hi-tech Solutions

We use the latest in smart home tech (like smart locks, security cameras, and energy monitors) to make your life easier and reduce your environmental impact. Our smart home noise monitoring sensors ensure the noise level in your property is never disruptive to your neighbours!

No Surprises

You’re always covered with us. Every guest stay is verified (and insured against damage) by Superhog, the leading third-party host screening technology company.

No Sacrifices

Your holiday home is yours to enjoy. You’ll always have unlimited use of your own property.
no restrictions or minimum availability targets. Just tell us when you’ll be away and let us handle the rest.

Host fees

Enjoy hands-off, full-service
property management and care.

‘Traditional’ Property Management


  1. Booking site
  1. Maintenance (pool, hot tub, etc) during the rental season only
  1. Routine property cleaning during rental season
  1. Access to web app to monitor bookings and account details
  1. Low quality and basic photography
  1. Detailed property inspection upon guest departure
  1. Guest screening and 24/7 guest relations

RestNest’s Exclusive 360° Management


  1. Booking site
  1. Maintenance (pool, hot tub, etc) year round
  1. Routine property cleaning on and off season
  1. Access to web app to monitor bookings and account details
  • Professional property staging, photography and video shoot
  1. Detailed property inspection upon guest departure
  1. Guest screening and 24/7 guest relations
  1. Licensing and permit applications
  1. Extensive winter marketing to maintain bookings year-round
  1. Problems fixed before you even ask

Service fee of 30% off all bookings plus any applicable local and sales taxes

Ready to get started?

Just turn over your keys and let us make you money while you sleep. Sign up today and pay 30% 25% booking fees for your first year

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