Good Neighbour Guide

Striving to Foster a Welcoming Community Environment by Promoting Responsible Behavior, Maintaining High-Quality Standards, and Providing Comprehensive Guest Support Services in the Okanagan.

RestNest Hospitality:

in accordance with City of West Kelowna and Kelowna Good Neighbor Guidelines, continuously strives to be good neighbours throughout the Okanagan community and expects our guests to do the same. Prior to confirming reservations, guests must agree to abide by all house rules and neighbourhood policies.

To prevent any potential problems, our strict screening process ensures guests will treat our homes and community with respect, just as a good neighbour does. Additionally, RestNest inspects each property after every guest departs to ensure a high-quality standard within our community.
It is important to us that each guest is given the appropriate information to make his or her stay as comfortable as possible. As a result, every home includes a web app Welcome Guide outlining details about the home and community. Below are a few highlighted sections from our Welcome Guides.


Our homes are intended for relaxing getaways, not rowdy beach parties. Music and other noise are to be kept at an appropriate level and in a manner that is mindful to neighbours. Noise that can be heard 50 feet away from the home is prohibited. Parties of any kind are not allowed.


We strictly adhere to our advertised maximum occupancy levels at each home. No exceptions are made for any reason. The number of guests cannot exceed the listed maximum occupancy for the property.


To ensure guests know where they can and cannot park, detailed parking instructions are provided including images of designated spots. We encourage guests to adhere to posted parking regulations and be mindful not to block neighbouring driveways.


Part of being a good neighbour is cleaning up after yourself. Guests are provided with trash pick-up days and instructed to bring bins out during applicable days. RestNest utilizes a trash valet service at select properties to ensure our properties are kept clean of trash and debris.


A good neighbour can always be reached, and we make sure guests, as well as neighbours, can contact us should any issues arise. Every guest is provided with our office and emergency phone numbers. Our contact info is also located on our management signs outside our homes.