Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Our Short-Term Vacation Rental Experience Or Our Property Management Services In Kelowna.

As A Guest, I’d Like To Know

Think of staying at one of our luxurious short-term rental properties as your chance to finally escape, unwind and make the most of quality time with friends, family or someone special.
While we appreciate your interest in celebrating with us, in order to maintain the first-class quality of our properties and remain respectful of neighbours, parties are strictly prohibited.

In between moments of pure relaxation at your home-away-from-home, there are countless ways to make the most of your Kelowna getaway. Whether you’re lazing in a boat on Okanagan Lake or pedalling your way between some of Canada’s finest wineries, this dazzling region offers something for everyone.

We also recommend visiting Tourism Kelowna for a complete guide to activities throughout every season.

While some of our properties allow pets, in order to avoid disappointment, please read the description of your desired listing carefully to learn whether pets are permitted. If you are uncertain about pet policies at a specific vacation rental, please contact us to learn more.

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As An Owner, I’d Like To Know

The short answer is: anything you need.

Our property management services are as unique as your property. Together, we’ll customize a plan to keep it maintained to your expectations, year-round. From there, our team will arrange for all jobs to be completed with impeccable quality, as well as any other tasks detected during our routine property inspections.

Our short-term property management is full service, which means that in addition to receiving our maintenance services, you can be completely hands-off with guests; our expert team will be the key touchpoint for your visitors, from touchdown to takeoff.

Since our services are tailored to suit your needs, pricing depends on what it means to manage your property.

We’ll take care of payments for all maintenance services, and invoice you for reimbursement or subtract the total from your monthly rental income. We charge an additional, modest fee to cover the convenience of our exceptional property management and maintenance services.

During the booking process, we ask all potential guests a variety of questions to determine whether they will make a good fit for your home. We’ll conduct background checks to learn as much as we can about your visitors before they arrive to ensure that your property will be treated with care, and that you (and your neighbours) can rest easy.